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New website for the riding school of Belmont

Caroline Dolder
Caroline Dolder, breeder of Purebred Andalousian Horses is the owner of the School of Belmont.
Caroline quotes Parelli, John Lyons and Jean-François Pignon as Horsemen mentors and Philippe Karl for the French tradition.
Curious and opened-mind towards all respectful methods in the work with horses, Caroline teaches all her pupils "Légèreté" - the
lightness of aids from ground work to "Haute-école". Here is a taste of her work :

One word to describe the School of Belmont : Respect !
We aim to avoid submission through pressure, instead we seek obedience through a form of dialogue expressed by our attitude,
bodylanguage and feeling. Our school is constantly evolving because each moment spent with the horse is an ongoing,
never-ending learning process.

Backing in a spiral

Sophie, training her seat position with Kalimocho

Marine, shoulder-in

Elodie, Pauline and Leïla working
on their focus

Practicing a good seat

PopCorn and Elise jumping

Address work

Ground work

A  good balance

Aurea with Nicolas

Half pass



Group work