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Purebred Andalusian Horses

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The Andalusian Horse:

The spanish horse is beautiful and graceful, noble and majestic. His body is strong and harmoniously
built with supple. energetic gaits and a high degree of agility. The PRE is a well-balanced, sociable and
resistant horse. He is docile and calm, yet courageous and sensible. He is intelligent and responsive;
making a comfortable horse to ride in various disciplines.

Our stud farm :
Our breed started as non-professionnal some years ago.
Our goal is to maintain a high level of comformity through selective breeding
with special attention to developing high aptitude for classical dressage.
By limiting the number of foals per year, we assure that each foal benefits of our
care and attention from the first week of their lives, so they can grow into healthy,
well-balanced, happy and respectful horses