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Alba has a new daughter ! 29.05.2015

Veitchii is sired by Regidor and out of Alba.

Birth in Belmont !

Abio was born on 2th July 2012. Alba and Rejidor can be be very proud,
their son is promising, as much for the model as for the movements.
He is a beautiful black stallion !

New show in the "Ecurie de la Combe", Bayards (NE)

Our team Equicirque will present their new show on 21th April 2012 at 6:30 ! Come support them !

Show in Manège de Colombier

Horseathlon in Müntschemier

Congratulations to Nina and Sophie for their nice partnership ! They were very good !

Grandis de Belmont

A last video of Grandis before he left with his new partner.
We wish them a lot of pleasure together !

Sakkaline has a new job !

She is still so pretty !

Durango de Belmont was born !

On 20th May, Lowiana presented us her first son, Durango de Belmont !
He will be a beautifull brown stallion !


Congratulations to Lydia, Maelle, Celia, Nina and Sophie who prepared this show in only 3 weeks to offer it to the Manège of Colombier.
It was their first colorful show for both girls and horses

Improvised lesson at Belmont

Fun in winter !

Riding lesson, summer 2010

Birth of Jelka

Avignonesa shows us her filly, who was born on May
the 17th 2010, at 6 AM.

Birth of Cathaya

Alba shows us her filly, who was born on May the 11th
2010, right after midnight.

SkiJoering, January 2010

Barokia 2009

The Team Belmont participated at Barokia, on 5th September in Avenches.


The 28th June, Belmont organized a Horseathlon

Alba is proud to show us her foal !

Jalisco was born on the 10th June 08.

Life school

Koreana is learning how to cross a river, her future : the TREC ?